Theatrical Production & Film Credits

The Play of the Weather by John Heywood

Hampton Court Palace, London
4-8 August 2009.


Creative Team

Gregory Thompson
Hilary Lewis
Ellen Cairns
Tamsin Lewis
Costume Designer
Set Designer
Musical Director


Danny Scheinmann
Colin Hurley
Richard Hansell
Peter Kenny
David Weston
Christopher Middleton
Ed Woodall
Sarah Sutcliffe
Cara Kelly
Gabriel Thompson
Merry Report
Wind Miller
Water Miller


Keith Thompson
Adrian Woodward
Belinda Sykes         
Martin Pope 


Hampton Court

Charlotte Arnold Events Coordinator,
Historic Royal Palaces

Stage Management

Dennis Charles
Sarah Cowan
Edward Salt
Production Manager
Company Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager

Producing Team

Catherine Rowe
Catherine Morgenstern
Producer, Schtanhaus
Assistant Producer, Schtanhaus


With Thanks To

Phil Winder, Scena, Trevor Dunford, Suzannah Lipscombe, Martin White, John Marshall, Meg Twycross, Olga Horner, Chris Goodwin, Steven Rice, Eleanor Lowe, Janette Dillon

The discussion generated by the 2009 production through an open-access website determined the research agenda for two workshops performed in the Great Hall of Hampton Court Palace in March 2010.  These aimed to explore dual aspects of the text by performing two scenes in two different ways - one overtly comic, and one which foregrounded the 'serious' telling of each character's story.  We also investigated the impact of early modern stage lighting techniques upon performance by approximating the effects of candlelight in the Great Hall. 

The March 2010 workshops were directed by Gregory Thompson with a cast consisting of:

Peter Kenny
James Lailey
Jenni Maitland
Mary Jo Randle
Danny Scheinmann
The Gentleman
The Gentlewoman
The Laundress
Merry Report