Staging the Henrician Court : When Rangers go bad...

This page last changed on Sep 24, 2009 by Greg Walker.

I enjoyed watching the evolution of sympathetic, impoverished Ranger, but I'd like to try out how an unsymathetic figure works next time - one that really comes in arrogantly and ignorant of the protocols and wants to barge his way through to Jupiter. Much of what MR says to him is potentially hostile in content and tone,so it would be good to see him have cause to be that way. Maybe 40 pence a piece at a sitting is a bit extravagant for a ranger to be spending on food. Coulodn't he nip out for a turnip on a stick if he really wanted to save money? And, it must be remembered, he does say he'd like to see the worst of all the weathers that the suitors ask for - apocalyptic,wrecking wind, if he doesn't get what he wants. Approached naturalistic this could just be desperation talking, but playing it less realisitcally, and having the first suitor who MR actually turns down in their attempt to speak with Jupiter actually deserve to be tunred away, might do something to the dynamic of the play - as well as free up MR to be a bit more comic and mocking in a scene where he is maybe otherwise a little inhibited? Just a thought!

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