Staging the Henrician Court : Improvisation

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I'm sure the 'improvised' moments are authentic - certainly in spirit, if not in particular detail. What were other audience members experiences of this?

There is a tension between the fixed, and formal, nature of the existing text and the way that the play imagines or represents the relationship between the audience and the players. It seems clear that Merry Report ought to interact with the audience but how could this work in relation to a speech like the one when he names all the places he has visited? It may be that the printed text is less the play as performed and more a record of what was performed - perhaps not in the case of the more formal / problematic parts of the play, ie Jupiter's opening speech or the New Moon speech - but might be the case in terms of, for example, the exchange between the Gentlewoman and the Launderess.

Posted by Tom Betteridge at Oct 07, 2009 08:17

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