Staging the Henrician Court : Is there a concealed rhyme in the speech?

This page last changed on Aug 17, 2009 by Eleanor Rycroft.

One of our actors, Peter Kenny (The Watermiller) made an interesting suggestion following a line run before the first performance.

Hearing the 'New Moon' speech quickly spoken he became aware of the lack of a rhyme following the line: "with a piece of work that needs must be done". He felt that surely the missing rhyme from the second line of the couplet was an obvious one, "Even now he is making of a new...sun" - not moon - with the added sense of 'son' or heir.

Perhaps the concept of the moon in the speech derives from this evaded rhyme and concealed joke aimed at a court expecting to hear the word sun/son but comically misdirected towards the moon instead?

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