Merry Report
Wherefore I will show the god all this process,
And be delivered of my simple office.
1067 - 1068

Scene 9 - Merry Report reports

Merry Report waits to see if anyone else will arrive and, when they do not, fulfils his office by reporting the various and contradictory claims of the petitioners to Jupiter. He summarises all of these fairly and accurately and is commended on his performance, although he is also told by Jupiter that his concern over how to reconcile the diverse appeals is misplaced, that this is the god's concern only. Jupiter tells him to call the suitors back in to the court as he is ready to deliver his verdict.

Key Research Topic

Merry Report and the Tudor Politics of Counsel

The Merchant 034_mr_mer

A discussion of the representation of political debate in the Play of the Weather, connecting it to the role of performance in solving real political dissent, as demonstrated by the events surrounding the attempted introduction of the Amicable Grant in 1525.

Historical Context

The Amicable Grant, 1525

henry viii

An account of the events surrounding the Amicable Grant 1525 from Hall's Chronicle. The Amicable Grant was an attempt by Henry and Wolsey to raise non-parliamentary taxation under the guise of a ‘gift’ from the populace to the King.




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