Merry Report
Alas, poor boy, who sent thee hither?

Scene 8 - The Boy

The final suitor is The Boy, Little Dick, who comes to ask Jupiter for wintry weather so that he can trap birds and make snow-balls. Merry Report wonders why such a small child has been sent to the potentially hostile environs of the court so The Boy explains that he was elected by all of his peers on the basis of his verbal ability and pleasing appearance. As The Boy leaves, Merry Report remains both bemused and amused at the social insignificance of such a claimant.

Key Research Topic

Humanism, Education and Political Debate in Henry VIII’s England

The Merchant 034_mr_mer

The role of humanist ideology in the education of young aristocrats is surveyed, as well as the preparation for public and political life assumed by the humanist curricula.

Historical Context

Instructions for ‘Porters at the Gate’

God in cloud

A series of instructions contained in The Eltham Ordinances of 1526 for those employed as ‘Porters at the Gate’ at the court, revealing the structure and bureaucratic nature of the Henrician court.



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