Merry Report
Some say I am I perse I.
But, what manner I so ever be I,
I assure your good lordship, I am I.
104 - 106

Scene 2 - The Appointment of Merry Report

Jupiter needs someone to aid him in this task, in order both to publish his intent to all mortals, but also to mediate their petitions by deciding who should be granted an audience with the god, and who should have their suits reported by the officer. The only person to come forward is Merry Report, who is initially dismissed on account of his frivolous behaviour and appearance. As Merry Report points out, however, he is the only person to offer his service so Jupiter must employ him whether he wants to or not. Jupiter therefore sends Merry Report to complete the first part of his job; to proclaim his purpose on earth.

Key Research Topic

The Vice and The Fool

Merry Report 102MR

A reflection upon the origins, tradition and characteristics of the Vice in the Tudor drama, and the exploration of these in performance.

Historical Context

Lists of Places in Early Modern Drama

The four Ps

The listing of places (as Merry Report does shortly after his appointment as Jupiter's servant), is a common feature of fifteenth and early sixteenth-century English drama. Presented here are two examples from Heywood's The Four PP and the anonymous Play of the Sacrament.


merry report

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merry report

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