Much better have we now devised for ye all
Then ye all can perceive or could desire.
1183 - 1184

Scene 10 - Closing

Jupiter delivers his remedy for the problems with the weather upon earth. Comically, this is to give all of the claimants the weather they desire for at least some of the time, explaining that the estates of society are interdependent and cannot function without each other. He admonishes them too, saying that they have failed in their obligation to him as subjects in demanding only what is good for themselves and not for the commonwealth. The suitors each thank him individually. Jupiter ascends back to heaven, and the play ends with a song.

Key Research Topic

Political History of 1532 / 33

Feasting and dancing

The historical and political context in which The Play of the Weather was written and to which it alludes is outlined, notably in relation to the King’s Great Matter.


Historical Context

Greenwich Revels - Lodovico Spinelli's Account

queen anne

In his account of the revels Lodovico Spinelli comments in particular on the seating of the audience, according to rank and gender, for the performance of the drama Love and Riches. He also remarks on the degree of order and silence with which the Greenwich revels were conducted.

Account of the entertainment for the French Ambassadors, 1518

Feasting and dancing

An account from Hall's Chronicle that describes a courtly pageant performed in 1518 - a theatrical spectacle to celebrate the betrothal of Princess Mary to the Dauphin of France.




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