For above all gods, since our fathers fall
We Jupiter were ever principal.
6 - 7

Scene 1 - Opening

The play opens with Jupiter's descent fom heaven to outline the matter of the play to the audience and explain the reason for the recent turbulent weather. He tells them that this has been caused by an argument between the gods Saturn, Aeolus, Phebe and Phoebus, who he managed to reconcile by calling a parliament to resolve their conflict. Now he has decended to earth to solicit the views of mortals as to what their ideal weather might be, and so reach an accord between earth and heaven.

Key Research Topic


Jupiter 127_tutti_jupiter

The significance of performing Jupiter at the Henrician Court is considered, as well as the various ways in which the role was interpreted during the project.

Historical Context

The Assemble of goddes

John Lydgate

Attributed to John Lydgate c.1500 this dream-vision allegory is highly reminiscent of Jupiter's opening speech in The Play of the Weather.



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